How to Stay Focused Like the Badass You Are

This month has been one of the busiest in a while and I know that whilst I need to be focused sometimes it's far too easy to put off what needs to be done until later.

I'm not just talking work here, procrastinating can mean that we don't maximise our potential in every area of our life and when we become too relaxed everything else seems to slip- be that keeping on top of our social media and finances, our body or even the housework - I'm looking at you giant ironing pile…

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Emma Elliott
The Busy Entrepreneurs Guide To Caring For Your Mental Health.

Supporting your mental wellbeing whilst setting up a business is a subject close to my heart being someone that deals with anxiety. And in the online business world it can be all too common to prioritise the hustle and growth and long hours over taking care of ourselves. But the truth is that burn out is a very real thing and we can’t be of service to anyone - least of all our businesses - from the midst of a breakdown.

So taking care of our mental health isn’t just essential for our own wellbeing, it’s a crucial business practice as well, and with that thought in mind here are 5 tips that really help me and I hope they can be of some use to you too…

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