Sleep If You Wanna Go Faster.....

I have literally just woken up and typed this as it just wanted to spew out of my fingers...

Messy, I get it life is messy. We are creatures of untidiness we just don't know what we are doing from one moment to the next and then we beat ourselves up about it...

But you know what? You don't have to have it all figured out perfectly just because the media/ a magazine/ the guru you follow on Facebook tells you that you should.

Or because your inbox make you feel guilty every single day, via the newsletter that you signed up for on the promise they wouldn't spam you...(We've all been there!) I for one can't hit the unsubscribe button fast enough!


Sure it's good to have dreams and aspirations, in fact what would life be without them? But you know what's also good and something I don't think we are taught enough of these days?


You do not need to be growing your list or writing down the next 10 steps for that goal you really want to achieve next year- RIGHT NOW- because OMG seize the moment! What a fantastic time to be alive as strong independent woman who can do what she wants! Yes what an amazing time to be alive- I agree!

But you know whats even better about our lives right now??


We are living in an age where we have so much information at our finger tips that actually if we choose to sit back for a while and mull something over, nothing bad will happen. In fact while you sit back something even greater might appear in the process. But if you go leaping head first into what ever it was that you thought was right, how do you know that you haven't just kissed a mega opportunity good bye?

Sleeping on something isn't a bad idea (even if that's a nap in the middle of the day should you have the luxury!),  taking time out to think isn't wrong, and saying NO can actually open up a whole other world of Yes Please that you didn't even know existed.  

What if resting on our laurels could actually take some of the overwhelm away?

What are you going to sleep on this week?

Big Love <3


Emma Elliott