What Can No Longer Survive?

So this week I have been procrastinating BIG time, not doing my journalling, hiding from responsibilities and generally just messing about. Now I could blame it on the moon, I could blame it on being a woman you know how TOTM is to blame for most things in life?! I could blame it on a whole host of things, but I'm not going to, I am just going to accept the fact that I was didn't do the stuff I wanted to and that meant I stayed stuck where I was this past week.

Today I finally decided to get my butt into gear and do the homework I'd been set for one of the courses I do. Now some of the journalling questions were pretty deep and I think that was part of the reason that I had put off doing them, as I wasn't sure I wanted to face what might come up from it. Anything that makes our soul grow will be met with resistance from our egos so it makes total sense! 

One of the questions that we were asked and the one I found the most interesting and was also most scared of was

" What feels Inauthentic in your life right now? What can no longer survive?"

I thought for a while and began to write and the very first thing that came up for me was eating meat. The exact words I wrote in my journal were

"Eating animals, living with deadness inside of me. How can I achieve lightness and joy in my own life when I am consuming someones death?"

Like WOAH?! That's pretty deep right there. 

Now I'm not preaching to anyone or saying that anyone should give up meat or anything like that, Im saying that listening to our own souls voice and intuition is really important. So for me getting this message means I am going to act on it and see how I feel going forward. I urge you to do the same, tune into whats going on in your life right now and try and work out what is no longer serving you?

It could be a career, a relationship, a gym membership you never use, going along with something just because everyone else does, even though deep down you know it doesn't 'fit' with you. What ever the thing is that feels inauthentic just let it go! You will feel so much more free and happier the minute you decide to and by letting it go you instantly create more space in your life to make room for the good stuff that does light you up and make you happy! <3

Emma Elliott