Drop The Struggle.

Drop The Struggle.

There is something that has been bugging me since I set up my business and I feel like now is the time to share.

I am SO fed up of the daily barrage of adverts on Facebook that claim you need to follow a certain formula or your business is doomed from the outset and can't/won't be successful. You know the ones I mean right?

 "Grow your email list in 5 easy steps"

"How I consistently make 6 figures a month"

"How you can write a book, take on the world and win (all in 3 months)" LOL

It goes on and on and can be relentless!

Personally I don't click on any of the bigger adverts because they are so generic and to me it instantly feels like a sales ploy. We all know full well that a lot of the time these companies are just trying to build their own email lists and manufacture new growth. This isn't wrong by the way, but instead of connecting with their customers on a personal level, they make you feel like you are part of some giant machine and this is where the issue lies in my opinion.

As a consumer/buyer or potential client I want to feel valued and important and like I actually matter, and that the company behind the promotion and message actually gives a damn about me. 

I know I am not alone in these feelings, so what can businesses do to connect with us on a deeper level?

I truly believe that if a business gets super clear on the intention behind their marketing, and that the energy behind the campaign is honest and true then the right kind of client will be drawn to their work and what they do. When you resonate with your clients needs, on a soul level, that's when you are connecting with them fully in the present moment and that is where the magic lies.

Of course you have to put the effort in to help your vision grow, but again this doesn't need to be overwhelming. Daily consistent small steps will bring you everything you truly desire within your business.

There will be:

  • no struggle to grow your list
  • no need to continuously maximise your income
  • no daily barrage of emails to your customers inboxes promoting your newest ideas.  

Your customers will already 100% know what you do, love who you are, and everything your brand stands for.

They will be utterly immersed within your whole enterprise that everything just then flows like clockwork.

And guess what? When everything flows like clockwork in one area of your life then it starts to impact all of the others too. Everything just starts to feel organic, when it is coming from a place of ease and love rather than a constant state of trying and never quite reaching what it is you are aiming for.

So if what you desire is 5 new clients a month, or an email list that rivals Marie Forleo's (aim high!!). Or maybe it's that house by the sea and consistent 6 figure months in your business.

Then with the love, awareness and consistency it is all yours for the taking my friend.

All yours!

Big Love

Emma xx

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