Happy Clients

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"Emma is a much loved and valued member of my team at melwells.com. She is hard working, compassionate and soul driven. I am eternally grateful for Emma."

— Mel Wells- Health and Eating Psychology Coach, Speaker, Body Image Expert and Bestselling Hayhouse Author


"I've had Emma on my team officially for 10 days and I have never slept better or moved faster with my plans. She's a wonder!"

Lucy Sheridan- The world’s first and only Comparison Coach.


“I basically begged Emma to join my team a month before my first ever big online program launch and THANK GOD I did! She was there to calm me down during each and every panic/ breakdown, working tirelessly around the clock to get done what needed to get done - and we ended up having such brilliant results; couldn’t have done it without her! She’s so personable and we have a laugh together - but her execution is second to none and she really knows how the online business world works - I’ve learned so much from her! Cannot recommend her enough.”

— Persia Lawson- The Uk's No1 Love coach


"I first met Emma in the south of France after speaking for the first time about Mary Magdalene's gospel. Her kindness, sincerity, and just genuinely loving nature immediately won me over. It felt divinely-timed, and aligned to have Emma as my online business manager. She inspires me with the clarity of her vision, and her powerful support allows me to just do what I love most; writing. I am so grateful for Emma and the expertise that she offers with a unique ease and rightness. I'm immensely blessed to have her in my life." 


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"Having Emma in my life is like having an IT ninja by my side. She sees simple solutions to challenges that bewilder me, and she always communicates her ideas clearly with a confident spirit of boundless possibilities. She is a joy to work with, a precious support on every level and a cheerleader for good in the world."


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"Through coaching with Emma I have discovered more about what lights me up and made huge shifts. Warmth and knowledge radiate out of her and you can't help but feel at ease in her presence She is a constant source of guidance and inspiration in my life."

— Rachel, Early Years Leader.

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"Working with Emma was helpful in having someone to bounce ideas around with, play out new concepts and trial things such as weekly online meditation groups.
Her calm and considered approach was always welcome. 
I have been known to send an SOS message outside of the completed remit we worked together on and the emergencies are always sorted easily and lovingly."

— GAIL Love Schock, Spiritual Direction + Life Strategy 

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"Emma came into my life at the perfect time, I was struggling with the smallest of things and with her incredible support and guidance I was able to work through these areas with confidence and clarity. Emma's skills and knowledge are wide and varied and she can help you in any area you are struggling. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."



“When I came across Emma and the work that she does way before launching Life + Me I just knew that she was exactly what I needed and who I wanted to work with.
Not only on a practical level is she super organised (and organises me), a brilliant planner and delivers high quality work (with a very good ‘know-how’ and evident experience) – but (arguably more importantly) she is an honest, joyful and supportive champion. To have Emma in my corner through the highs and lows of launching and running a business is MAGIC. I’m hugely grateful.”

— Sam Miller, Life and Me FouNder

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“Emma really knows how the online world works. Since I began coaching with Emma she's really helped me to get clear on my vision. With her help I've grown my social media following considerably since we began working together, she's efficient, organised and a complete joy to work with. I'm currently working on building my first online course with Emma and I can't wait to launch.”