Frequently Asked Questions


Anything you can think of I hope I have covered here.

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Can I talk to you before we start working together?

Yes, in fact I positively encourage it. I offer a free consultation via Skype before any work is undertaken to ensure I can meet your needs.

Do you only work with people in the wellness industry?

No, I love working with people from all walks of life. What's important to me is that you love your work and I can feel that energy from you. Nothing excites me more than collaborating with people with vision and knowing I've played a part in their success.

I don't know what you do exactly?

If you have never worked with an OBM or VA before I completely understand that it can be difficult to envisage just how they can help you. My advice is let's Skype, it's only by talking that we can discover just where you could take advantage of the support on offer.

Are you an OBM or A VA?

Both! I can easily come in and manage your team and help to set up processes and systems that will make your life easier. But I am also happy taking on the day to day tasks and admin for clients who aren't quite at the team stage yet.

Can I work with you for a one off project?

Of course! We can Skype to discuss your exact needs and then take it from there. 

What do you charge?

Every client and every project is different, as such I don't work to an "off the peg cost". As a guide OBM support starts around £1300 a month and VA support around £300 a month. The best way for me to be able to quote you accurately is to book a free consultation and then I can discover exactly what you need and give you a direct quote.

DO you tailor make packages?

Yes, I can mix and match many of my skills to create something that is perfect and unique to you.

what kind of results can i expect to see?

Many of my clients have worked with me to launch products and programmes which have see their highest turnovers to date. This is because of the focus and knowledge I deliver working alongside my clients to get the very best results possible for them. Coaching clients have developed their business ideas and have see consistent growth on their social media and newsletter followings after working with me.


I use a variety of online tools such as Slack, What's App and Email to keep clients up to date with progress.

Do you offer payment plans for coaching?

I sure do, please get in touch to find out more.

Do you offer refunds?

Within 7 days of the contracts being signed I offer a full refund of any monies paid.

Why do you have contracts and terms/conditions?

They protect everybody involved. This is a bespoke service tailored made for you, and respecting the administrative side of working together is just as important as our creative collaborations.